Blue in Grayscale

Photo, “Nostalgic Rose, taken by me ————————————————————— I can see my face fading from your memory, and I can hear my name disappearing from your vocabulary It’s only been a week, but I can guarantee it’s already happening. Conversation has turned to nothing. I know we’re both busy but it’s always something. I guess the new has worn off – certainly not for me, but … Continue reading Blue in Grayscale

Black and White

Photo, “Waterfall on the Roof,” taken by me. ————————————————– I can still taste the scent of your skin as I put my lips to the inside of your wrist. After all, there’s nothing quite like the touch of morning skin. The hours pass like minutes when I’m with you. And, even now, it’s still strange to me that you made me so comfortable, made me … Continue reading Black and White

Always September

Photo, “Reflective and Blue”, taken by me —————————————————————- Maybe I only liked you for the aroma of your coffee on Wednesday mornings, or perhaps, was it simply the wonder of what could be? That potential was never realized, but couldn’t have really done anymore than we did, could we? You now only exist between wilted sentiments and casual daydreaming. Like I’ve said, I keep you … Continue reading Always September


Photo, “Valentine Roses”, taken by me —————————————————————- I guess I can truly say this is my fault. I told myself to not get so emotionally involved, I knew this wouldn’t fill the void in my heart, But I still went for it and the hopeful voice in the back of my head was, once again, proven wrong. So, am I still allowed to be mad … Continue reading Angry


Photo, “Watercolor Cloud”, taken by me —————————————————————- Tucked into the comfort of familiarity for so long, that when they finally pull the covers from over your head you’re left wondering whether you ever really belonged or were just keeping time to the beat of their song. When everything’s an “I guess”, it’s hard to fully commit But haven’t I already been through the cycle of … Continue reading Purple

It’s My Insides and I Don’t Know Why

Photo, “Rain & Roses”, taken by me. TW: intrusive thoughts, repetition ————————————————————- The sound of silence is interrupted by the gentle hum of the steady rain outside the bedroom window. The clouds are almost a rich gray and seem so close they could fall upon us. Death by rain cloud: what a way to go. Her mind wanders, like it always does, as she walks … Continue reading It’s My Insides and I Don’t Know Why


Photo, “The Sparks of a Firework”, taken by me. ————————————————————————— I’ve watched the sky grow dark outside my window, I’ve only left my bed once or twice. I can feel the pizza wanting to come back up my throat. It’s after 2 a.m. and I’ve stayed up too late again. But every other aspect of my life is messed up, so I might as well … Continue reading Numb.