Photo, “The Sparks of a Firework”, taken by me. ————————————————————————— I’ve watched the sky grow dark outside my window, I’ve only left my bed once or twice. I can feel the pizza wanting to come back up my throat. It’s after 2 a.m. and I’ve stayed up too late again. But every other aspect of my life is messed up, so I might as well … Continue reading Numb.

Happy Birthday

Photo, “Dead Flowers”, taken by me. ————————————————————————— She picked up the black tote bag I had custom designed for her in pink and blue glittery letters. I remember her demeanor that entire afternoon, the same as when she stared at the bag and posed for a picture with the guitar and its broken strings. I still have that picture somewhere on my old cell phone, … Continue reading Happy Birthday

Meant to Be

Photo, “Raindrops”, taken by me. ————————————————————————— Can you hear the walls closing in? Fall through the emptiness in your chest that you swore you’d never feel again, ’cause ‘you’ve been better lately’. But does it matter that you laughed last week, ’cause you broke down again last night? What kind of progress is continuously burning out the light, or what there was of one? Maybe … Continue reading Meant to Be

Making up for that one time I wasn’t listening.

Photo, “Rose Petals”, taken by me. ————————————————————————— I close my eyes. I am hoping to see you again tonight. Will I meet you in the swimming pool this time, or perhaps in your bedroom under the moonlight? I can still feel the shimmer of your lip gloss stained on my cheek, and you’re the only one who ever saw who I really am underneath. I … Continue reading Making up for that one time I wasn’t listening.

I Can’t Always Just Forget Her (But She Could Try)

Title: lyric from “The Ghost of You” by My Chemical Romance Photo: “Rainbow Pin”, taken by me Preface: The following is a short piece I wrote that is based on the first time I realized I was queer. Written in honor of Pride Month. TW: internalized homophobia ___________________________________ The usual dry heat of the Texas summer began to cool as the night fell upon the … Continue reading I Can’t Always Just Forget Her (But She Could Try)